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NATS Messaging

CREDEBL Platform uses NATS for message-driven data exchange between CREDEBL microservices.

CREDEBL Platform services need to exchange data. NATS is an infrastructure that allows such data exchange, segmented in the form of messages. It is called as “message oriented middleware”. With NATS, application developers can:

  • Effortlessly build distributed and scalable client-server applications.
  • Store and distribute data in realtime in a general manner. This can flexibly be achieved across various environments, languages, cloud providers and on-premises systems.

Setup a NATS Server:

Create NATS config nats-server.conf

port: 4222
max_payload: 4194304 # 4 MB in bytes
port: 443
no_tls: true

Create docker-compose

version: '3'
container_name: nats
image: nats
command: ["-c", "/nats-server.conf"]
- '4222:4222'
- '6222:6222'
- '8222:8222'
- ./nats-server.conf:/nats-server.conf:ro

Start NATS Server

docker compose up