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Getting Started

Setting Up CREDEBL

Welcome to the CREDEBL Platform Setup Guide! This manual will walk you through the process of installing CREDEBL on your local machine. Let’s get started.

Initial Setup

There are two ways you can setup the platform:

  • Using NPM directly by cloning the repository OR
  • Using Docker


At the base of the CREDEBL Platform consist of prerequisite softwares. Before you begin with the project, make sure the following software’s are installed on your machine.

Node.js and npm: use node 18 version

Git: Install git if it is not already installed.

Docker: Install the latest version of Docker

Docker Compose: Install the latest version of Docker-Compose.

NATS: Download and install NATS.

REDIS: Download and install REDIS.

Authentication and Database

The CREDEBL Platform, being open source , mandates user authentication and utilizes a database for storing agent wallets and platform data. Keycloak is used as a database service.

To set up keycloak for authentication follow the Keycloak Setup using Docker section. Learn more about keycloak from their official website.


Create a SendGrid account, generate an API key, and grant necessary permissions for sending emails.